Error: WMI exception occurred on server – Quota violation

Tonight I stumbled across a limitation in Exchange 2010 when moving a vast amount of Transaction Logs to volume on an Exchange 2010 SP2 server.  This server had over 100,000 logs which needed to be moved to an alternative location, when utilising the Move-DatabasePath command with the -LogFolderPath switch, the command would hang approximately 10 minutes then fail with the following error.
 Failed to connect to target server “ExchangeServer”. Error: WMI exception occurred on server ‘ExchangeServer.domain.local': Quota violation + CategoryInfo          : InvalidOperation: (Mailbox Database 0529333988:DatabaseIdParameter) [Move-DatabasePath],
InvalidOperationException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : 7897D20B,Microsoft.Exchange.Management.SystemConfigurationTasks.MoveDatabasePath

After doing some research I discovered that this only occurs when attempting to move a ridiculously large quantity of log files.

To resolve this problem you must purge the transaction logs first before performing the operation.  This can be done in 3 ways::

  • Perform a Full Backup of the Server which in effect will purge the logs.  This can be performed by using Windows Server Backup or another product.
  • Enable Circular Logging, dismount/remount the database, then Re-enable Circular Logging.
  • Manually delete the log files using windows explorer (SHIFT + DELETE).  Do not perform this procedure without checking first that all log files have been played into the database, doing so could result in loss of data.  Please see the following post for manually flushing transaction logs

After the transaction logs have been flushed, this error will no longer occur.

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