If you netlogon service is missing from the services mmc.; then you will problems logging onto the machine with OS: windows XP, Windows server 2003.

TO install Netlogon service you need to install the client for windows network option on the LAN card.

here are the steps to do this.

Start>Control Panel> Network connections

Select Local area connection

Select Local area connection

Right click on the local area connection and then select properties

Windows LAN properties

Windows LAN properties

now make sure the Client for Microsoft networks is CHECKED

if “Client for Microsoft networks” is not there then click on install

add client for windows networks

add client for windows networks

then select client

on the next windows select client for Microsoft networks.

and then close all the windows and restart.

once rebooted you should now be able to see the netlogon service in the services.mmc

2 thoughts on “Netlogon service is missing

  1. to whom it may concern,
    Thank you for this article, I have had a problem with my laptop where I could not map the network drive, reinstalling the “client” solved this problem.

    Regards Ian McDonald

  2. You are really awesome this fixed the issue on my server. We are now able to RDP into the server.

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