Installing the Message Queuing services (MSMQ) on Windows 2003

The message queuing service is a scalable system service developed by Microsoft to enable high volume event processing. The message queuing service is included with every Windows 2000/2003 and XP version, although not always installed by default.

NOTE: this process will not work on Microsoft Windows Server 2008.

To check whether MSMQ is installed and to install it if it is not:
1. Open the Windows Control Panel from the start menu, double-click on Add/Remove Programs and then click on the Windows Components tab to launch and display the Windows components wizard.
2. Click on Application Server and then click Details.

Add / remove windows component wizard

Figure 1: Add windows component

Windows Components Wizard
3. If the Message Queuing checkbox is selected it means the service is already installed and you can thus skip the rest of this section. If it is not, then you need to follow the rest of the steps below to install the message queuing service. In the Application Server dialog click on Message Queuing and then click Details.

Figure 2

Message Queuing

Message queuing component

Message Queuing component
4. In the Message Queuing dialog select the Core functionality check-box and then click OK.
5. In the Application Server dialog click OK and then click Next in the Windows Components Wizard window to start installing the message queuing service.

Installing the Message Queuing service

Installing the Message Queuing service

6. When the installation of the message queuing service is complete, you need to click Finish in the Windows Components Wizard. The Message Queuing Service is now installed.

7. To access and configure message queues; right clicking on My Computer and select Manage.

configure Message Queuing

Configure Message Queuing

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